hi everyone. welcome to our invisible home.

NEWS 9/17/08


Hi! We have more news! Finally, we are going to play in the West Coast this year! We are performing at Decibel
Fest 2008
in Seattle and we are super excited about this show because the line-up includes artists such as Tujiko Noriko,
and Barbara Morgenstern. Five years ago we thought that something like would never happen, but it is going to happen,
woo! Hope to see you at the show! http://dbfestival.com/schedule/showcases/11

Ultra kewl. Our friend minusbaby designed our new t-shirt! We are selling them for $10 and we have them in a bunch of
different sizes. If you want one send us an e-mail (losbalunes@gmail.com). Here is the design --> T-SHIRT!

And yes, we went back to Puerto Rico and played a couple of shows (also we did some in NYC back in June!). Check the
pics of those shows here: NYC 1, NYC 2, PR 1, PR 2, PR 3, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2.

On one last note: we are working on another remix! And don't forget we are still working on our next EP for 8bitpeoples.
New stuff new stuff new stuff new stuff.



NEWS 5/17/08


Hello everyone. We have a lot of good news to share!

First of all you can find our songs in these two compilations:

"Music For Toys" has been released by the french label MonsterK7. We contributed a new song called "Minumina".
This is a very uncommon album because it was released as a cassette! You can listen to the songs here: MonsterK7
and you can listen to our song here: http://www.myspace.com/balun

"Pero Ese Olor En El Cuarto Del Piano..." by the Brazilian label Si No Puedo Bailar. This will be sold through Darla and it
features indie/electro/pop bands from Latin America. Check out their site, it's really beautiful:

Second, our remix for Genji Siraisi is out now on Expansion Team Records, and you can buy it from the iTunes store.
The album is called "Surviving Freedom" and it also features remixes from Alex Moulton and Q-Burns Abstract Message.
You can check out the remix at http://www.myspace.com/balun .

Third, we have two upcoming shows that we think are going to be great. The first one will take place the 13th of June
at Hecho en Dumbo in Brooklyn. The second one will take place on the 14th of June at The Tank in NYC. We are going
to play with our buddy Minusbaby (8bitpeoples) and Blue Screen Love Scene from Atlanta. Also Voltage Controlled will
be in charge of visuals for the night. Don't miss it!!

Fourth, Fourth, Our good friend Rodrigo Maceira interviewed us a while ago for the Argentinean indie rock website
Global-Art, and teh interview is up! http://www.global-art.com/textos/nota/leer/emergentes-balun/ Checks its outs!
(it's in spanish, but a good online translator will work!)

Fifth, last but not less important we are super happy to announce that we are going to release an EP this year with the
NYC-based label 8bitpeoples!! This label is home to great chiptune artists such as Nullsleep, Minusbaby, Bit Shifter,
Lo-Bat, etc and they are the people behind the awesome Blip Festival! Fun, fun, fun!

Those are the news for now. :)



NEWS 3/20/08


Spring is finally here! And yes, we know we got lost last winter. But we are going to make up for it. We promise.
So much happened since the last update, we don't know where to begin!

RCRD LBL! We were featured on RCRD LBL. Check it out!

The Canada trip! Oh yeah, we played Montreal last fall, it was a blast! You can find pictures at Pitchfork!

The Puerto Rico trip! Last winter we went back to good ol' PR and played a couple of shows! Pics, Video

The NYC shows! This month we played three shows here in the city: Pregones, Sound Fix and Nacotheque.
Mucho mucho fun! Pics 1, Pics 2, Pics 3, Pics 4 (hey, what's that round thing on top of a keyboard?)

Petite & Jolie compilation! It's finally out and you can find our song "Alicia" in it. Download!

Upcoming shows in Chicago! Yes sir, we are going back to our third home. You know how much we love ya!

4.4.08 - The Chapel, Lake Forest College with Headlights and Evangelicals ((FREE))
4.5.08 - Permanent Records, Chicago with Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk ((FREE))
4.5.08 - Nacotheque party @ Spot 6, Chicago w/ DJs Marcelo Cunnning and Amylulita

For 2008! Expect a new EP, songs on two compilations, one remix by us, and a bunch of remixes for us!