NEWS: 10/15/06


A new MP3-EP! "Another EP?" You might ask yourself, but let us explain, this is the EP that was going to
precede our latest album, but it took ages for the iTunes people to put it up in the store. So they finally
did!The "Snol EP" (Brilliante 2006) is exclusively for sale in the iTunes store. It includes remixes of
"Snol" by Venue and Paul Salva plus our cover of Superaquello's "Naranja" and a pretty neat unreleased
b-side. The balunes highly recommend this release!

T he new album has received quite a bit of attention! Here are more reviews: Loose Record, 75 Or Less
Cyclic Defrost, Indie Workshop, Frecuencia Electronica, Time Out Chicago,
Lunapark6, Times of Malta
Etherreal, Amp Camp, Ox Fanzine,

Getting some love in Allmusic. The internet site chose us to be on their Artist Spotlight and
they also included our new album in the Editor's Choice which is list that compiles the albums they consider
to be the best from each month, in our case July. Check all this action at:
Allmusic! (for the moment at
their archive, but we have proof!) and while you are there feel free to read their review of our latest album,
"Something Comes Our Way".

Top 10 radio chart! In Atlanta's WRAS radio station we climbed up to the #3 spot in their heavy rotation
chart for the weeks of september 12, 19 and 26. Right now we are in the #2 spot!

Our past summer. We played a couple of dates in the Midwest (USA) and had a lot of fun. This was our
first "tour" outside Puerto Rico. Touring is fun. we want to do it again. We want to thank Brilliante Records
(Ed) for setting up all the tour dates, for driving us everywhere and for being our "momager", to Joe (for
letting Andres and Ariel stay at his place), to Chris (for the excellent new pictures), and to everyone we
met, who went to our shows, who played with us, treated us very well and gave us some beds: ed, danny,
joe, nick (decibully/cedar a.v.), davis, walter meego, alla, jorge, justin sconza, adam (cortisol), chris, alex,
ed's brother and the rest! Here is a photo album with some pics from that tour. Enjoy!


NEWS: 7/3/06


Balún's first CD! Our new album "Something Comes Our Way" is finally out. Twelve new songs for the
tropical set full of stories, strange sounds, a little bit of hiss and a whole lotta love. Released worldwide
by Brilliante Records. You can buy the album at various stores such as Insound, Amazon, Borders, Tower
Records, HMV (Canada/Japan), Den Cayá (Río Piedras), and El Hogar Del Cuatro Puertorriqueño (2nd
Floor Plaza Las Américas), among other stores. Visit our MySpace site to hear the new songs!

Here are some of the first reviews of this album: Allmusic, Textura, Moka Motel, Vital Weekly, Orlando
, The Tripwire, Soundslike (in dutch), and Indie Pop Rock (in french).

Our first shows outside the island! We are very excited to announce that we will play in some cities in
the US during this month. Hopefully we'll play some more dates in the future, but these are the ones
that we have right now!

7/20/06 - Chicago, IL @ Schubas with Brenmar Someday and Elissa P.
7/21/06 - Milwaukee, WI @ Stonefly with Walter Meego (Brilliante Records) and Cedar AV (Audiobulb)
7/22/06 - Chicago, IL @ Country Club with Justin Sconza (art show highlighting the Brilliante catalog)
7/25/06 - St. Louis, MO @ Cicero's with Behind The Stars, and Bear Hug Jersey
7/26/06 - Chicago, IL @ Tower Records Clark Street (instore performance)
7/27/06 - Chicago, IL @ South Union Arts with Allá (Minty Fresh Records)
7/28/06 - Urbana-Champaign, IL @ The Canopy Club with The Invisible (Big Jolt) and The Chemicals

(Visit our MySpace site for more up-to-date and complete tour info!)


NEWS: 6/13/06


Balún "An EP Collection". Woo-hoo! We decided to collect all of our EPs into one reasonably priced CD!
Now you can get EP1 (2003), Nada Que Hacer Hoy (2004), and While Sleeping (2004) for $10! Nine-
teen songs in total. For now you can buy this CD online here at our store or at our shows!

We got some summer dates coming up! We will play every week in June and you can catch the action
and the drama at these places:

6-14-06 @ Rumba, Old SJ w/ Trapnel, Sinkfield and DJ sets by Cherry Barbie
6-22-06 @ Rumba, Od SJ w/ Jo-Tang!, and DJ sets by Cherry Barbie
6-30-06 @ Hard Rock Cafe, Old SJ - Rocksessions 2

Thanks to everyone who went to our CD release party! And a very special thanks to Julio Cesar and
Francisco from Y No Había Luz for the Balún dolls they constructed for the performance. Soon we will
upload some pics from that show!

New local compilation! We have a song on the compilation Sie7e Och8 Sie7e from the new local label
Carbono Música. This CD features songs from 21 local bands such as Crissalida, Un.Real, Astrid Proll
among others. You can buy it at our shows for just $8. More bang for your buck!


NEWS: 5/11/06


Lots of goodies in this update. First of all, our video for "Be Careful When You Walk" of our new album is
online and ready for you to watch! Visit YouTube or iFilm to get a taste of the real life balunes. You'll be
extremely surprised (or disturbed)!

Fadcast 10. Frecuencias Alternas took some of their time and dedicated Balún a fadcast (a podcast that
showcases music from the underground scene in Puerto Rico). You can download it here: FADCAST 10!!

Three DJs. We are doing a special DJ set at Don Pablo on May 18. Los Nervios is playing too. Top 40!

Two interviews. Third Coast Press did one. We talked a lot about us and about Puerto Rico. Motel de
did another one and we talked a lot about our favorite music. Check them out!

One review. Noctambulo published an article about our presentation at Sesion Alterna. Wanna know how
it went and (most importantly) how it looked? Take the scenic route and visit this link: ADVENTURE!!

New merch. Finally! We have more pins plus a pair of new pin designs ready for you! Azul y Rosa.


NEWS: 3/9/06



Hi all!

Just a quick and short note to say that we finally finished recording, mixing and mastering the new album
and that (woo-hoo!) it finally has an official release date: JUNE 2006. A fueguembe. So expect twelve
songs full of emotions, stories, strange sounds, songs with a little bit of hiss, songs that don't make
sense at all (structure-wise), spaced-out excursions in Balún dub, crazy food, songs inspired by novelty
songs, and other stuff that we are not known for.

BUT before the new album, the good people at Brilliante will release the "Snol" EP on iTunes. So that will
be your chance to get:

1."Snol" (from the upcoming album)
2. Remixes of "Snol" by Venue and Paul Salva (both artists from Brilliante)
3. The cover that we do of Superaquello's "Naranja".
4. A very lo-fi and rare recording of a song that we play live sometimes.

This will come out hopefully in May 2006. Get your iPods ready. Or your other mp3-players.
Or CD players. Check out our Brilliante Records for more info later.

We have an upcoming show! On April 6, 2006 we will play at Noctambulo Magazine's Feria de Cultura
Urbana 2006
with other artists such as Koplik, DJ Audyo and Parasolar. Check our live section for
more info! Electronic music + art + performances!!

ALSO MANY MANY THANKS to the good people from Frecuencias Alternas for inviting us to play at the
first ever Sesion Alterna which took place last Monday at Taller Cé. We are more than thankful and
happy of the outcome of the show and because of all the effort that the FA crew put in to make the show
a very memorable one. The show was recorded by Nico "The Man" Linares (Oruga/Trapnel/Squid) and
it will be aired very soon during a Frecuencias Alternas episode on Radio Universidad. Thanks a lot to
the people who went to our show and that for that one night let the music be the center of attention!

AND the filming of the Balún video is complete. It turned out really really good and it has a lot of the
surreal and dreamy elements that we always wanted in a video. We'll try to put it online and in TV
stations (at least in Puerto Rico). So that's another thing to look for in the next few months!

AND we also met the nice folks from Brilliante. They (Ed, Joe, Chris) paid us a visit here in the island,
took a lot of pictures, went fishing, got a little bit sick, made a lot of jokes, saw a Balun live show, and
hopefully left satisfied and happy. = )

Finally, we have a space. Go check us out at Drop by and say hi!