NEWS: 11/21/05



Balún in a new label! We want to formally announce that our upcoming album will not be released through
Skylab Operations like it was originally planned. We are very thankful of the opportunity that they gave us
in the first place and we'll definitely do something with them in the not so distant future! But the album
found a new home at Brilliante Records, a Chicago based label whose roster include artists such as
Súperaquello, Venue, Love of Everything, Def Harmonic, among others! Now the album will be released
in May of 2006 and we'll definitely play some dates in and outside Puerto Rico to support this new album.
Yay! More news coming soon.


New releases! New releases! New releases!

Remix on Arturo en el Barco "Music for Students and Their Friends" CD . We did a remix for Arturo en el
(Angélica with some help from José) new album, and it's finally out! In this album you will find new
AEEB songs plus remixes by other artists such as I Am Robot and Proud, .Tape., Phasmid, and Text
Adventure. For now you can buy it at Carte Postale Records (Belgium). Soon the album will be available in
other stores around the world.

And a song on the V/A "Porch, Kitchen, Bed, and Basement: Songs From The Bluehouse". Our first song
in a compilation! This CD reunites songs (some of them exclusive) of different artists from different
labels such as Morr Music, Audio Dregs, Skylab Operations, Carpark, Spa.rk, that are associated with
the Blue House a collective online shop based in Toronto, Canada, for your listening pleasure!



New local record shop! Now you can buy all of our merchandise (EP's, pins, t-shirts) at Subterráneo a local
record shop run by our friend Agustín from the local post-rock band Astrid Proll. The store is located in
Ave. Ponce de León # 1072, Rio Piedras! For more info please visit their website!



NEWS: 09/26/05



A video! We are going to shoot our first video for a song from our upcoming album, and we need your
help! This next saturday, october 1st, 2005, we will play a mini-concert with our good friends from
Oruga and The Fantastique Modular Minidisko (Felix from Parasolar). The amount of tickets is limited,
they cost $12, and if you want to help us please send and e-mail to


NEWS: 08/04/05



New date! We finally have a show to play! August 5, 2005 to be exact! Our first of the summer. It will
be a different one, since it will take place at the Hard Rock Cafe. Check out the live section for more info.

New t-shirts, new designs, new colors!
This summer was so hot that we decided to make our own t-shirts.
There are four colors to choose from, and they are not so expensive. Check them out in the merchandise

Balun is still alive! We just finished the preproduction for our first album titled "Something Comes Our
and soon we'll enter the studio to finish recording it. So expect this album to come out sometime
this fall! Hopefully!

A remix! We will contribute a song for the upcoming Arturo en el Barco CD + Remixes. This one will come
out on Carte Postale Records (Belgium) and it will feature remixes from other artists such as .Tape.,
I Am Robot and Proud, Phasmid and Text Adventure.


NEWS: 02/25/05


new year means a new album! we are almost done working on our debut album, titled "Something
Comes Our Way"
that will be released on the austrian label Skylab Operations which has released
albums from Accelera Deck, Her Space Holiday, Satellite Grooves, Phasmid, among others. the
artwork will be done by the guys at Complaint Department (Canada) and this album will be out
probably in summer of 2005!

a balún song will be a featured skylab operations track on an upcoming blue house compilation! this
compilation, edited by shaw-han (i am robot and proud), may feature artists from other labels whose
music is sold in the online store such as audio dregs, carpark recordings, catmobile, spa.RK, suction
records among others!

our first interview! local arts and music magazine Noctámbulo interviewed us in their latest issue. you
can read the interview online.

more "while sleeping" EP reviews! check out what Opus Zine,, Dewtone, Scenestars
and Stayfun said about our latest EP!

new live date! on friday april 1st, 2005 we will play in Noisex Records Showcase IV with our friends
Quarter Turn
, Introdujos and Jorge Castro (Cornucopia/Súperaquello) vs. Gardy Perez (Un.real) at
the art gallery Cubo1504 in santurce, puerto rico.

buy our music in japan and puerto rico! now you can also buy our two previous self released EP's
(Nada Que Hacer Hoy and EP1) on Duotone Records (Japan) and I Am Data (Puerto Rico).